Level A2+ of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Niveau A2+ du CECR
​Level A2+ is situated over the level A2. It represents a strong Waystage performance. What is noticeable here is more active participation in conversation given some assistance and certain limitations, for example: initiate, maintain and close simple, restricted face-to-face conversation; understand enough to manage simple, routine exchanges without undue effort; make him/herself understood and exchange ideas and information on familiar topics in predictable everyday situations, provided the other person helps if necessary; communicate successfully on basic themes if he/she can ask for help to express what he wants to; deal with everyday situations with predictable content, though he/she will generally have to compromise the message and search for words; interact with reasonable ease in structured situations, given some help, but participation  in  open discussion  is  fairly  restricted; plus  significantly  more  ability  to sustain monologues, for example: express how he/she feels in simple terms; give an extended description of everyday aspects of his/her environment e.g. people, places, a job or study experience; describe past activities and personal experiences; describe habits and routines; describe plans and arrangements; explain what he/she likes or dislikes about something; give short, basic descriptions of events and activities; describe pets and possessions; use simple descriptive language to make brief statements about and compare objects and possessions.

In the illustrative descriptors a distinction is made between the ‘criterion levels’ (e.g. A2 or A2.1) and the ‘plus levels’ (e.g. A2+ or A2.2). The latter are distinguished from the former by a horizontal line, as in this example for overall reading comprehension.

​​Can understand short, simple texts on familiar matters of a concrete type which consist of high frequency everyday or job-related language.
​​​Can understand short, simple texts containing the highest frequency vocabulary, including a proportion of shared international vocabulary items.
​​Levels A2.1 and A2.2 (A2+): reading comprehension
To discover the descriptors of level A2+, we invite you to consult the page dedicated to the level A2 of the CEFR.