DELF junior version

DELF A1, A2, B1 and B2 junior version exams and diplomas

DELF Junior
The junior version of DELF is perfectly fit to teenagers between 12 and 18 years old in middle and high-school. The DELF junior version has the same basic structure as the standard DELF. Only the topics are different: the materials take into account the interests of young people.

The diploma's value is the exact same as the standard DELF. Indeed, just as the other types of DELF, the DELF junior version is based on the principles and levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). There is no specific mention on the diploma. Just like the standard DELF, it is a diploma of French language which is issued. Thus it is impossible to tell the difference between a DELF junior version diploma and a standard DELF diploma.

It is an important point to clarify as many people think that a DELF junior version diploma has less value than a standard DELF diploma. This unfounded rumor can lead some teenagers to pass the standard DELF instead of the DELF junior version. It is a mistake. Indeed the topics of the standard DELF are too far out from the interests of the youth. As a result, let a 12 to 18 years old teenager take the standard DELF is putting him in a failure situation. It is not the goal of DELF exams which are based on a positive and rewarding evaluation.

The DELF junior version in 4 independent diplomas

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