DELF Pro A2 sample papers

DELF Pro A2 past exam papers

Exemple de sujet DELF Pro A2
Below, you can download a complete DELF Pro A2 sample papers. The collective tests (listening, reading and writing) are in the candidate's test booklet. The DELF Pro A2 candidate's booklet also contains the instructions for the individual test (speaking). The subjects of the individual test (speaking) are in the examiner's booklet. The audio document contains the listening exercises. Finally, you will find the correct versions of the listening and writing test in the proofreader's booklet.​

Download DELF Pro A2 sample papers

DELF Pro A2 sample paper - candidate's booklet: subjects of the collective tests (listening, reading and writing) + instructions for the individual test (speaking)

DELF Pro A2 sample paper- examiner's test booklet: subjects of the individual test (speaking)

DELF Pro A2 sample paper - audio document: instructions, break times and audio documents of the listening test

- ​DELF Pro A2 sample paper- proofreader's test booklet: correct version and grading scale for the listening and the reading tests

In addition, you will find below the assessment grids of the writing and the speaking tests of DELF Pro A2. We advise you to well study this assessment grid because it is on it that you will be assess and mark. So, if you well control the assessment criteria and you fit them well, you will get the maximum of points.

Assessment grid of DELF Pro A2 writing test

Assessment grid of DELF Pro A2 speaking test

​The files of DELF Pro A2 sample papers to be downloaded above are the property of the CIEP (Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques). These sample papers are the only DELF Pro A2 past exams papers available to the public and authorized in distribution. All other sample papers are strictly confidential before, during and after examination sessions. You expose yourselves to civil and penal penalties in case of distribution of confidential sample papers.